Japanese cave, Bandung Indonesia

          Cave in the wake of the Japanese occupation of Indonesia. Aside from being a historic place, this cave also has the function as a mystical tour in Indonesia, especially in Bandung.  The number of natural and historical sites that can be visited has attracted many tourists to visit the Forest Park Ir. Juanda.  Here, you can enjoy the coolness of the fresh air in the city as well as the beautiful natural phenomenon. For you who like history, you can see the historical places of interest with a natural and refreshing atmosphere.
In the cave there are four hallways to get in, where it is said he aisle to aisle two and three as a trap. Damp, dark and cold is the initial impression of a direct hit at the start of stepping into a cave that was built in 1942 ago.       The hallways are long and winding road is quite confusing with rocky and earthen walls. Previously this cave used as a stronghold of the Japanese army. In addition, here are some mound higher than the surface to be used as a place to rest / sleep soldiers also known as Dai Nippon Army.       After passing through the intersection after intersection, exit through the mouth of the cave the larger size. In the hallway was once functioned as a parking lot and out of the vehicles of war.        Indeed, prior to the Civil Government of the Netherlands East Indies Army surrendered unconditionally to the Japanese, the cave was built solely by them (Japan). However, after the Dutch surrender, cave development forwarded by the indigenous people through forced labor, known as "Romusha".        According to the information in this cave often heard screams, moans and sightings form the people who once tortured and imprisoned in a cave in the humid and stuffy, although there are many ventilation holes, strong mystical aura radiated inside the cave.

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