Japanese cave, Bandung Indonesia

          Cave in the wake of the Japanese occupation of Indonesia. Aside from being a historic place, this cave also has the function as a mystical tour in Indonesia, especially in Bandung.  The number of natural and historical sites that can be visited has attracted many tourists to visit the Forest Park Ir. Juanda.  Here, you can enjoy the coolness of the fresh air in the city as well as the beautiful natural phenomenon. For you who like history, you can see the historical places of interest with a natural and refreshing atmosphere.
In the cave there are four hallways to get in, where it is said he aisle to aisle two and three as a trap. Damp, dark and cold is the initial impression of a direct hit at the start of stepping into a cave that was built in 1942 ago.       The hallways are long and winding road is quite confusing with rocky and earthen walls. Previously this cave used as a stronghold of the Japanese army. In addition, here are some mound higher than the surface to be used as a place to rest / sleep soldiers also known as Dai Nippon Army.       After passing through the intersection after intersection, exit through the mouth of the cave the larger size. In the hallway was once functioned as a parking lot and out of the vehicles of war.        Indeed, prior to the Civil Government of the Netherlands East Indies Army surrendered unconditionally to the Japanese, the cave was built solely by them (Japan). However, after the Dutch surrender, cave development forwarded by the indigenous people through forced labor, known as "Romusha".        According to the information in this cave often heard screams, moans and sightings form the people who once tortured and imprisoned in a cave in the humid and stuffy, although there are many ventilation holes, strong mystical aura radiated inside the cave.

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  Unit 731 Kamp Eksperimen, Harbin, Manchuria, Cina

        This experiment camp called Camp Auschwitz in Asia because of the terrible kejadian2 human decency and not going in it. However, there is a fundamental difference between the barbarity committed by the Germans against the Jews orang2 time: orang2 Germany has shown remorse for their crimes, but pemimpin2 China that sparked the existence of Unit 731 still could not accept the reality of what had happened.

     At least 3000 prisoners, mostly Chinese, were killed in this place, plus the 250 thousand Chinese were left to suffer death in the manufacture of biological weapons eksperimen2.

           In those days that was unimaginable hal2 done every day. The prisoners, mostly the result of Japan's conquest of Manchuria at the beginning of the second world war, faced with unimaginable horrors. Those infected with penyakit2 such as anthrax, cholera and even bubonic (bubonic plague epidemic is believed to be the cause of the Black Death in Europe in the year 1340an.Waaoooww, the history with mysterious place in cina....:) Only in cina bray....


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Lawang Sewu, Indonesia

Lawang Sewu is a relic of ancient building which was built in 1904 dutch. This building was originally the headquarters for the railroad (tram) Dutch colonizers or Nederlandsch Indishe Spoorweg Naatschappij (NIS). Three-story building art deco style (1850-1940) was the work of renowned Dutch architect, Prof. Jacob F. Klinkhamer and BJ Queendag. 
         Lawang Sewu monument located on the east side of Young Semarang, or on a street corner Pandanaran and street youth. Called Lawang Sewu (Thousand Doors), this is because the building has a door that very much. In fact, the doors are not up to a thousand. The building has many windows tall and wide, so people often think of it as the door.
Many magical mystery Lawang Sewu, ranging from ghost sightings are often disturbing visitors.
If you want to try a magical tour, come to Semarang in Indonesia precisely.

Hopefully my article helpful to you all ... :)

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Pharaoh's Chariots, Dead Sea

A named Ron Wyatt Archaeology in late 1988 the state bahawa ago he had met several carcasses of ancient chariot wheels at the base of the red sea. According to him, maybe this is a chariot dead Pharaoh (Pharaoh) who drowned in the ocean floor when it is used for the pursuit of Prophet Moses and his followers.
           According to his testimony, in addition to meeting some of the dead horse chariot wheels, Wyatt with a crew-crew also encountered some human bones and bone on the same horse. This discovery further strengthens andaian course that remains of the bones of the skeleton that is part of the army of Pharaoh that drowned in the Red Sea. Moreover, the results of testing conducted at Stockholm University for the few remaining bones of a victorious encounter, is true bahawa structure and content of some bone has been aged around 3500 years ago, which according to history, the chase scene that also occur in the same period.
           In addition, there is an interesting case that is also found, is one of the axles of carriages are now a whole has been covered by rock, so now its original form is difficult to see clearly. May God protect this stuff on purpose to show us all that miracles are revealed to him Nabi2 is a real thing and not a fabricated story. Among some of the train wreck before, helped found a wheel with four pieces of gold bars are done. Apparently, this is the rest of the horse carriage wheels by Pharaoh.
           Meanwhile in the north and south of the crossing trajectory (red line) depth reaches 1500 meters. Inclination towards the sea from the Gulf of Aqaba to Nuweiba approximately 1/14 or 4 darjah, while that of the Gulf Arab Nuweiba inland about 1/10 or 6 darjah. Estimated the distance between Nuweiba into Arabic around 1800 meters. Track width divided the Red Sea is estimated to 900 meters.
          Can you imagine how much force is needed to be able to divide up the sea water has a track width of 900 meters with a distance of 1800 meters at a depth of waters rata2 reach hundreds of meters for a long time, considering the followers of Prophet Moses who historically numbered in the thousands? (According to other posts is expected to reach 7 km away, with the number of followers of the Prophet Moses, about 600.000 people and the time taken to cross about 4 hours).
          According to one calculation, the estimated required pressure (force per unit area) of 2,800,000 Newton/m2 or equal to the pressure that we receive when diving in the ocean to a depth of 280 meters. If we associate with wind speed, according to some calculations, at least takes the wind blowing at a constant speed of 30 meters / time (108 km / h) throughout the night to be able to divide and maintain parts of the sea water within 4 hours!
It's amazing ..!! Hopefully this can strengthen our faith in Almighty GOD ..: D

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The Discovery of Noah's Ark

        It is said, about 4,800 years ago, flash floods hit the Earth. Before the disaster occurred, Noah - the prophet of three religions, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, given the revelations to make a big ship - to save humanity and the Earth's other creatures.
The story of Noah's ark in various books, films and others. Some historians from various countries had long been curious about the truth of this story. 

To prove the truth of that story, a group of researchers from China and Turkey joined in 'Noah's Ark Ministries International' for years to find the remains of the legendary boat.
Yesterday, 26 April 2010 they announced they found Noah's boat in Turkey. They claim to find the remains of Noah's boat was at an altitude of 4,000 meters on Mount Ararat or Mount Agri, eastern Turkey. 

They even claim to have entered into a boat, take a photo and a few specimens to prove their claims. According to the researchers, they took specimens have carbon age of 4,800 years, matched with what is described in history. If their claim is true, researchers have found that Evangelicals most famous boats in history

        We're not 100 percent sure that this is the boat of Noah, but we have 99 percent confidence," said one team member in charge of making a documentary, Yeung Wing, as published by the Turkish news website, National Turk, 27 April 2010.
Specimens of the findings of researchers at the Ararat Turkey and China
The group consists of 15 people from Hong Kong and Turkey attended the press conference held last Monday, April 26, 2010.
The media were present at the time, they also exhibit the fossil specimen suspected ship Noah's boat, a mine, nails, and wood fragments.
As the researchers explained, the mine and allegedly used to nail the wood together until a ship. Mine is also used to tie the animals were saved from the brunt of flood - as well as pieces of wood that made insulated to maintain the security of the animals.
This great discovery was to be ammunition to push the Turkish government to register the site to UNESCO - UN agencies in order to preserve the boat of Noah.
Initially, archaeologists will dig direncananya boat and separating it from the mountain. However, it is not possible, despite the historical value of this discovery is very high. 

Mount Ararat, the location of the discovery of Noah's boat Believed, when the waters receded, Noah's ark was in the Mt. Although the three major religions preach the miracle of the Prophet Noah, there was no explanation at all, exactly where the boat was completing his mission. Since a long time local residents living in the mountains of Turkey and other cities believe that Noah's boat on Mount Ararat. Moreover, pilot temput Turkey in a NATO mapping mission, said she saw a large object like a boat in Dogubayazit, Turkey.
In 2006, a detailed satellite imagery showed what looked like a ship suspected of Noah's boat is a snow-covered mountain. 

Some other experts argue that the remains of Noah's ark to be part of human settlements - which survived the flood disaster flood. However, researchers who claimed the inventor of the boat Noah denied. "We never found any man who lived at an altitude of 3,500 meters in the history of mankind." 
Very cold weather at an altitude of 4,000 meters was the inventor of Noah's ark is believed to maintain the condition for thousands of years.

This is the greatest invention in the world archaeologists, it is amazing .. :)

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Oasis In the Middle of Nowhere, Peru

Hell if you believe there is a wonderful oasis in the middle stretch of desert, where you can vacation there?! Yup, this amazing place is built in the middle of the desert, around a small lake, and precisely located in the Ica Province-Southwestern Peru. Oasis called Huacachina is known as the 'oasis of America', where tourists can sandsurfing in the sand hills, a walk in the desert, pure adrenaline buggy trip (wear your seatbelt, because his car would be speeding), nikmatin sunset from the hill of sand to Sunbathing at the hotel.
Who make unique, in the midst of Huacachina there is a lake. Well, here's feet around the lake and hotel lodging. So imagine there's life in a tiny oasis in a desert Atengah. Is not it amazing? In addition to the tourists who do not get the sensation forgotten in the desert, now at the hotel were the tourists still gain experience of not less menabjubkan. So in Huacachina also there are tables of the best hotels, Hotel Mossone. Mossone hotel is a beautiful hotel on the lake, which was built with old colonial style. From the room already stretched the beautiful scenery that surrounds the Huacachina desert. Disediainnya was already so breakfast on the veranda room. Which breakfast while we can see the lake and desert scenery. Wow, it's a beautiful Huacachina oasis on earth (beautifull place!),I like this place.
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Elephant Cave Temple, Bali
Gojah goa, Goa Gajah, Bali is one of the most historical sites significant. Cave seems most devastated by natural disasters while, and go undetected for centuries until a team of Dutch archaeologists discovered it in 1923. Thought has been built in the 11th century, Goa Gojah features sculptures influenced by Hindu and Buddhist meditation and contains confidential space for priests or hermits. Two traditional bathing pool outside the cave containing water is said to have magical properties.The amazing place...:D

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My Favorite Film

  • 5. All About of Jackie Chan's Film
  • 1. How to Train Your Dragon
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  • 3. Harry Potter
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